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What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telephonic technology that uses an internet connection to make and receive calls, it converts your voice into digital signals and sends it to the internet. Most people consider that VoIP is just like a traditional phone but it’s not true.

In the past, you need to have a home phone and also connect with a regular provider. But in present days you can make and receive calls all over the internet by using VoIP. VoIP also helps you to set up your business all over the internet.

Instead, your employee takes calls from a computer you can get access to advanced software. Most VoIP business provider enables you to store all the customer information automatically through rotary phones. with the help of VoIP, you can call from everywhere no need to have a stationary phone.

VoIP phone systems vs. traditional phone systems

Traditional telephonic systems use circuit-switching methods to connect with another person. when you make a call through PSTN ( Public Switch Telephone Network) another person connected you through a circuit. Traditional phones are also bound to a specific location

On the other hand, VoIP phone systems use the Packet Switching method. It means that data is only sent when needed. A brief connection always remains between two people. And you and the other person you talking to will not normally be both speaking at the same time. It is also compressed to save space.it is not bound to a specific location.

How does VoIP work?

  1. First of all  Your phone connects with Local Area Network (LAN)
  2. When you dial a number then your IP phone tells your VoIP Service Provider to call the other person.
  3. Then VoIP Service establishes a connection and exchanges data packets from your IP Phone.
  4. Then Your VoIP converts these signals into sounds

For phone call your conversation change into small data packets. Then these Packets can send all around the world within seconds. Then these signals travel between your phone and a VoIP provider

Best VoIP Business Phone Provider  system features

Main feature of best VoIP Business phone provider is to make voice call through internet or IP network.

Here are some top feature of VoIP business phone provider.

  1. Auto attendant

Auto attendant is a most important feature of VoIP that not only answer the call but also forward calls to your voicemail or elsewhere outside of business hours.

Auto-call is the best way to project a professional image with a phone menu. When you call a company and press 1 for sales and 2 for support you have to use an auto attendant.

  • HD call quality

VoIP increases the sound quality of your phone. This technology makes your phone call sound twice clear as compared to a standard call and is also noticeable for long-distance calls 

  • Unified Communications

VoIP promotes your teamwork through a concept known as UC (Unified Communications) With the help of VoIP your employees easily connect with other customers. you can also use flip call between mobile devices and your team also work very fast.

Here are some important functions that perform with a UC platform.

  • Text messaging 
  • Conversation 
  • Video meetings 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Call encryption and VoIP security

VoIP security is very important for businessmen. Nowadays telephone calls carry all information of users like credit card numbers and HR conversations. For this purpose, VoIP provides full security to its users. VoIP technology like TLS(Transport Layer Security )and SRTP(Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) scramble call data recording make impossible. 

  • Call recording 

VoIP also provides call recording services which are very helpful for many businesses.

  • Call Queues

VoIP also provides you call queues facility when you set up your system with VoIP it is much easier to answer all the calls in a limited time.

  • Voicemail and voicemail transcription

It is very difficult for users and businessmen to receive all calls and listen to a voicemail two or three times for relevant information. Voice mail transcription makes it easy to get all the messages without picking up your phone. 

  •  Bluetooth 

Bluetooth Connected with devices such as speakers, microphones, and handsets.

  • Mobile and desktop apps 

If you choose an esteemed VoIP business phone provider like Nextiva, you get a software app that you can use for incoming and outgoing calls.

  1.  Team Collaboration

With the help of VoIP you can chat with your team and client. You can also share videos and screen by doing this you can done your work very fast.

Advantages of VoIP Phones 

  1. Cost Saving 

With the help of VoIP phones, you can reduce costs. We know that traditional phones have lower cost but its not provide such facilities that VoIP Provides to you. IP Phones also provide less expensive and long-distance calls. With the help of VoIP, many consumers and businessmen can save approximately 60% of their phone bills. 

  • Performance 

VoIP Phones provide a great opportunity than traditional phones. If an organization moves to a new location, it doesn’t need to make a new connection like a traditional phone system. You only need to add phones in a VoIP system and then it connects with all networks. 

  • Integration 

VoIP business phone providers also integrate with other business Applications. The organization connects its CMR (customer-managed relationship) software with VoIP Phones to view call records, and also make phone calls through the CMR application. 

  • High Voice Quality 

VoIP also provides high voice quality. Many VoIP Providers also provide HD video and calling. By calling you can feel that you are all in the same room and also work with great opportunity and comfort. All you need is a high-speed fiber optic internet connection for clear sound. 

  • Accessibility 

Most VoIP services provide many features that cost additional charges if you want to add them to your landline phone. The feature includes caller ID, call forwarding and call screening services. 

  • Mobility 

VoIP also provides a long internet connection. This facilitates users, especially businesses, and mobility does not cost as much as cell phone minutes.

  • Intra-office communication.

With the help of VoIP, you can also send messages to clients and other business people via text.

  • Scalability 

VoIP provides the easiest scalability. It is so simple to add other people to your business. Sometimes scalability is up and down according to requirements. You can set up any type of business through VoIP, from small business startups to fully blown enterprise-scale


In a traditional phone when you buy a new phone you also need to buy new cabling and new hardware. Moreover, you can not install it your self it requires special manpower.

On the other hand, this is not the case with VoIP.

Order new phones and smiley connect with your computer with a few clicks. There is no need to install of new cable because VoIP uses an IP network as a transmission. 


Disadvantages of VoIP Phones 

VoIP phones have some disadvantages 

  • VoIP needs the internet to work

VoIP needs a reliable internet connection and is susceptible to bandwidth. With limited bandwidth, phone calls may drop and delay. Moreover, if an organization has no internet connection so you can’t call from their VoIP. 

  • VoIP is not always secure

Data traveling through the internet can be obstructed through the Third party and that also includes VoIP. It means that your call can be hacked and fall into the wrong hands. This makes VoIP Less Reliable.

  • Emergency calling 

Emergency calls with VoIP can be difficult and not secure. Because the IP address cannot provide an exact location.

How to choose a  VoIP  business phone provider

Choosing the correct business phone provider there are some steps and a few things to consider.

  • Know what VoIP is first?


Before purchasing any new technology you need to understand about it and how it will affect your company.


  • Cost: is it affordable?
  • VoIP Apps
  • Integration 


  • Know your business communications needs and how VoIP can solve them.


After understood about VoIP, the next step is to figure that how it helps in your business. 


Some important question about this matter is.


  • What type of phone number does the business need?
  • Need what type of number?
  • Does your business have multiple locations?
  • Do you need an audio and video call solution?
  • Team messaging 
  • Calls
  • Task management
  • Once you have a detail list, you can move to the next step.
  • for laptops and desktops

v  Client review

After understanding business communication the  best way of choosing VoIP is by checking their client review. Although all review may not be credible, but mostly helps us to make a decision. 


v  Check the VoIP plans and pricing of the vendor.


Another best way of choosing VoIP service is its affordability.


§  How much cost a user charge?

§  How many minutes do thy offer per month and it is all under your budget?


v  Quality of service

Quality service is provided to users when choosing a provider. What is the quality of the package and the services enough for your business?


  • Security 

After quality service, it is very important to focus on security to protect company and customer information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best business VoIP service?

Today’s top three VoIP business phone services are provided by Ring Central, Nextiva, and Grasshopper. These companies include toll-free numbers, voicemail transcription, and other well-liked VoIP features for a cheap monthly cost starting at $19.99.

Which  devices are used in VoIP?


The VoIP hardware requirements include a modem and router. The modem and router work together to allow devices to connect to the internet. The modem enables you to access the World Wide Web because it is what links you to your internet service provider (ISP).


Does VoIP give you a phone number?

You are given a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone number when you join up for a VoIP service. In essence, it’s a series of numbers you dial on a dial pad to place a call, much like with conventional landlines.

Is VoIP and IP phones the same?

VoIP is voice over IP alone, or, in the strictest sense, an IP telephony subset that excludes other, non-voice-based communication services like faxing or text messaging. But once more, it’s generally OK to use the phrases VoIP and IP telephony interchangeably, as many do.

Is VoIP the same as Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling is comparable to VoIP. VoIP uses digital data packets that are translated to analogue phone signals at the recipient’s end before being transmitted over the internet. Through Wi-Fi calling, a call is made over the internet as opposed to a mobile tower.

Can I use VoIP on my Android phone?

You may acquire a different phone service on your mobile device for little to no money with Android VoIP apps. You can make calls from your mobile device using a VoIP app. Only data usage over 3G or 4G is charged. For a local call, your mobile phone carrier might charge you.

How Do I Know If I have a VoIP phone Call?

The phone will ring like a regular phone whether you have a specific VoIP phone or a standard phone linked to a VoIP adaptor. The software provided by your service provider will notify you when there is an incoming call if your VoIP service requires you to make calls using your computer.

Is there a VoIP backup if your internet connection goes down?

In the event that your power or broadband connection fails, several VoIP systems include a backup. For instance, Nextiva can sent calls to a mobile device automatically.

Are all phones VoIP compatible?


No, not every phone supports VoIP. For some phones to function with VoIP services, an adapter can be needed. You should check with your VoIP provider if an adapter is necessary if you are using a traditional landline phone or if it offers IP phones that are compatible with its service.

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